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Olimp AAKG Xplode Powder 300g Pre Workout

Olimp AAKG Xplode Powder 300g Pre Workout

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Xplode™ is a series of supplements based on absolutely innovative products designed especially for those with uncompromising requirements. The unique composition of the supplements is a result of the efforts of scientists from Olimp® laboratories, who created each product based on the newest studies in the field of nutrition and supplementation for athletes and active people. Olimp®'s many years of experience in the supplement industry played an undeniable role in the achievements of the most successful athletes of the Olimp Team who also participated in creating the Xplode™ series. The innovative composition of each Xplode™ product is based solely on the most effective and pharmaceutically clean active substances, whose effect has been well-tested and documented. No cheap substitutes! 

Xplode™ is a series of products characterized by high solubility and amazing, intensely fruity, aromatic flavours that can be freely combined and mixed. Because of the maximum micronization of particles, all active substances in each product in this unique series can be fully absorbed by the body.


AAKG XPLODE powder® - an ultra concentrated formula

What is AAKG XPLODE powder®? 
A top-quality dietary supplement in the form of well-assimilable arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (AAKG), supplementing the diet with L-arginine. 

What are the benefits of AAKG XPLODE powder®?
an ultra concentrated formula – 3750 mg of AAKG in 5 g of the product! A powerful dose of L-arginine in form of a highly-assimilable L-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (almost 4 g in each portion), efficiency – 1 handy foil bag with a ZIP – 150 g is equal to 30 portions, which is a month of workouts, instant assimilability thanks to the powder form of the product. No delay typical for pills or capsules, complete freedom in choosing the portion size. You are no longer limited by strict doses, you may measure the precise amount of the product you need at any given moment, perfect solubility, a unique and great taste.
COMPOSE YOUR PRE-WORKOUT STACK with AAKG Xplode powder®! – a new ultra concentrated formula!

ATTENTION! A new ultra concentrated formula! Adjust the portion to your needs, remembering that every 5g of the product contains 3750 mg of top-quality AAKG!

Remember! AAKG XPLODE powder® is made in accordance with the highest standards required in the production of pharmaceutical products.

Orange Flavour

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