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Olimp Detoxeed-Pro 60 Capsules

Olimp Detoxeed-Pro 60 Capsules

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Detoxeed-Pro™ try a complex product that supports liver protection and anti-oxidant properties!

What makes Detoxeed-Pro™ special?
- patented VitaCholine™ form
- natural ingredients
- standardized plant extracts
- only 2 tablets a day
- complete, 30-day supplementation
- each batch of raw material ingredients and every product are subjected to pharmaceutical and laboratory tests.

Your liver is the second busiest organ in your body! It is time to support it, especially during intense physical effort. We have definitely got something for you!

Detoxeed-Pro™ is a dietary supplement in the form of capsules, containing an advanced formula of plant ingredients composed of extracts from: milk thistle, artichoke, common nettle, large cranberry, turmeric rhizome and black pepper, supplemented with choline and spirulina. 

Choline, milk thistle extract and artichoke extract help proper liver function. 

Spirulina is the source of anti-oxidants. 

While the black pepper extract facilitates the absorption of nutrients and increases the effectiveness of other herbal ingredients. 

This complex formula, with anti-oxidation properties, will help maintain the beneficial condition of the liver.

Detoxeed-Pro™ is made exclusively of natural ingredients, only standardized plant extracts and our patented VitaCholine™ form. All of them are subjected to laboratory tests and created to pharmaceutical quality!
It is a complete, 30-day supplementation. The recommended dose of Detoxeed-Pro™ is only 2 capsules a day!

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