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Boxing Set for Children
Boxing Set for Children
Boxing Set for Children
Boxing Set for Children
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Boxing Set for Children

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Professional punching bag for children DBX Kids


Complete boxing set recommended for children from 4 to 9 years old.

Cardiovascular effects of training a child on a punching bag:

Improving the condition

Improving motor coordination

Strengthening the shoulder muscles and the postural muscles responsible for correct posture

Discharge of excess energy

Suspending confidence in your own abilities

Great fun

 punching bag for children 


The kit includes:


1. Filled and ready for training punching bag


2. Boxing gloves


3. Boxing wraps


4. Mounting bracket


 boxing set for kids 


1. Punching bag


Fully filled and ready for training punching bag made of thick and tear-resistant polyester material.


The material used is easy to clean and resistant to weather conditions.


The material is smooth and pleasant to the touch, thanks to which training on it is safe and comfortable.


The bag is equipped with 4 strong carrying straps with steel handles that ensure durability and safety during training.


The dimensions and weight of the bag have been selected to ensure comfortable training conditions for children from 4 to 9 years old.



The age of the child in the photo below: 9 years old


Bag dimensions and weight:


Total height with straps: about 85 cm

Bag height without straps (training surface): 60 cm

bag diameter: about 25 cm

Weight: about 5-6 kg

 Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, the bag is covered by a 2-year manufacturer's warranty

Belt surrounding the risers


The risers of the bag are secured with an additional surrounding belt in order to increase the training surface of the bag and to protect them during impacts.


An additional advantage of the surrounding belt in the place where the tapes are sewn is protection of the child against abrasions during impacts in this area. 


The use of a second belt around the bottom of the bag increases the durability of the structure, making the whole thing resistant to tearing even during intense and long-lasting training.


Knotted fastening


The bag uses a tied fastening instead of the popular zipper. This solution is much more durable, which has been tested by us during many years of production of bags from the professional line, used by leading martial arts clubs throughout Europe.


2. Boxing gloves


The boxing set includes 6 oz boxing gloves. It is a weight / size adapted to the hands of children up to about 8 years old.


The issue of safety during training is a priority for us, which is why the gloves have been designed and made in accordance with European safety standards: PN-EN 13277-1: 2002 and PN-EN 13277-7: 2010 




Compliance with the standards guarantees both the safe construction of the gloves and the use of materials that are safe for health. By choosing this model of gloves, you can be sure that your child trains in equipment that is safe for health.




Additionally, each model of gloves, before being introduced to regular production, undergoes intensive tests in training conditions. Thanks to cooperation with leading fighters and martial arts trainers, we check the durability and comfort of the structures and materials used. Only those models of gloves that ensure compliance with safety standards and successfully pass training tests are introduced to our offer.


Thanks to this two-step verification, you can be sure that the product you choose is not only safe but also comfortable during training.


 boxing gloves for kids

The gloves have a wide Velcro stabilizing the wrist area and the thumb of the glove is attached to minimize the risk of injury, which is especially important when training children.

The gloves are perfectly anatomically profiled to make it easier for young martial arts adepts to tighten their fists correctly and provide high comfort during training.

3. Cotton boxing wraps


The set includes a set of 2 cotton boxing wraps, 2 meters long. The purpose of the wraps is to additionally stiffen the hands in order to increase the safety of training and to protect the gloves by sweating. 

4. Ceiling mount


In the set with the bag you will receive a steel ceiling holder for hanging the bag.


Tip: If you plan to hang the bag in a high room, you can lower it by using an additional chain or string between the ceiling mount and the straps of the bag, adjusting the height to the child's height.


Technical parameters of the DBX Kids boxing set

a bag with dimensions of 60x25 cm (total length about 85 cm)

bag material: durable polyester material

bag weight: about 5-6 kg

6 oz boxing gloves

boxing glove material: synthetic leather

steel ceiling bracket (max load 25 kg)

purpose: training boxing punches and kicks

warranty: 24 months

Note: the boxing set should be used under adult supervision for its intended purpose.

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