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Machine for buttocks with a stack Bauer Fitness PLM-644 - A professional machine for training the gluteal muscles, which combines effective training, quality of workmanship and an attractive price. Intended for training both for beginners and experienced athletes.


What makes us stand out?


  The machine precisely isolates the work of the gluteal muscles which ensures effective and efficient training;

  Repetition and time counter allows maximum focus on training;

  The construction of the machine requires a specific range of motion, which allows novice users to perform the correct training technique;

  Adjustment allows you to adjust the machine to the different build of the user's body;

  Modern design and aesthetics ensure a positive visual experience;

  Convenient towel hook;

  Practical holder for a water bottle or water bottle;

  A simple and legible label informs the user about the exercises that can be performed on the machine, as well as what muscles are engaged during training.



The device has the necessary European certificates of compliance with the DN-EN 957-4: 2007 standard.




The buttock training machine has a convenient ability to change the load on the stack, a comfortable and stable grip, smooth backrest adjustment. A stable and non-slip foot support guarantees safety during training and minimizes the risk of injury.




What exercises can you do on this machine:


  Stuffing the legs on the machine while standing





Would you like a seat in a different color? No problem! You can choose any color of upholstery from our palette. Your stacking machine will be unique.




Or maybe you would like to increase the pile weight? No problem! We will increase the stack weight of your machine to a maximum of 140 kg.



Length: 126 cm


Width: 96 cm


Height: 165 cm


Machine weight: 190 kg


Stack weight: 60 kg, weight change every 5 kg


Frame Color: Gray / Black


Upholstery color: black / burgundy

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