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Diamond Line Testobooster Professional 100caps

Diamond Line Testobooster Professional 100caps

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DIAMOND TESTOBOOSTER is a novelty of the luxury Diamond range and is developed with the latest formulation as an anabolic agent, accelerating muscle growth and adipose tissue reduction!!
DIAMOND TESTOBOOSTER is a rich source of saponins and highly concentrated 4-hydroxyisoleucine, enriched with vitamin A and trace elements: zinc and selenium, necessary for the synthesis of growth hormones, insulin, organic proteins and for antioxidant protection of the
The optimal level of male hormone correlates with better muscle building, better fat loss and better regeneration after
training. However, the studies also confirm the experience with DIAMOND TESTOBOOSTER, i.e. the positive effect on the level of the male hormone.


Fenugreek extract stimulates protein synthesis and thus accelerates the development of muscle tissue. The 4-hydroxyisoleucine used stimulates pancreatic cells to secrete insulin, increases the sensitivity of muscle cells to the action of this hormone and, as a result, stimulates muscle protein anabolism, significantly reduces the collection of reserve fat and regulates the management of sugar and insulin in the body. Action of DIAMOND TESTOBOOSTER:

  • Saponins from Greek sena (Fenugreek) strengthen endocrine, improve the excretion of luteinizing hormone (LH) which leads to an improvement in the production of male sex hormones, but also to the formation of FSH
  • The effectiveness of saponins in DIAMOND TESTOBOOSTER is very strongly dependent on the individual intestinal bacterial microflora, which is supported by the fibre mucilages present in the product
  • 4-Hydroxy-Isoleutin modulates insulin levels and insulin activity leads to an increase in male hormone

The effect of DIAMOND TESTOBOOSTER depends very much on nutritional diets and the use of additional supplements (creatine, amino acids). If you have healthy intestinal flora, DIAMOND TESTOBOOSTER may have better (but above all healthier) results as prohormones, which are clearly reflected in more intense muscle building, strength, fat loss, increased vitality, sexual strength and better regeneration after training.

DIAMOND TESTOBOOSTER has been named "Tribulus Killer" because it overshadows the well-known Tribulus Terrestris.
More arguments speak in favour of DIAMOND TESTOBOOSTER when compared to tribulus terrestris:

  • high content of diosgenin (diosgenin is a direct pre-stage of male hormone, in Tribulus Terrestris it is only in tiny amounts)
  • 4-hydroxy-isoleucine (in Tribulus Terrestris NEpřítomen), which affects insulin
  • presence of prebiotic acting fibre mucilages
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