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Diamond Line Turbo S Preworkout 500g

Diamond Line Turbo S Preworkout 500g

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Diamond Line Turbo S is a pre-training complex preparation for athletes and people performing strength-endurance exertion. It increases performance during training, forms vasodilatation and helps better blood circulation.

Diamond Line Turbo S is designed not only for increasing strength, but also for endurance. It is the perfect "pre-workout" preparation that will wake up your muscles from heavy exercise. Training will become a greater pleasure for you, thanks to the pump-effect, the volume of your muscles will increase, and thanks to vasodilatation, nutrients will get into the muscle tissue faster, which leads to more efficient muscle building.

Helps the expansion of blood vessels

and vasodilatation improves blood microcirculation, and at the same time the muscle pumping


supports the central nervous system stimulates

blood circulation increases intensity and the

effectiveness of training increases faster growth of strength and

muscle mass Nitric Oxide regulates blood flow. It expands blood vessels and gives the muscles more oxygen and nutrients. Therefore, the muscles gain in volume. Nitric Oxide is one of the most effective natural anabolics, thanks to which more oxygen and nutrients get into the muscle tissue and thus the muscle mass becomes more quickly in volume.

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