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Health Line Ashwagandha 800mg 60caps

Health Line Ashwagandha 800mg 60caps

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ASHWAGANDHA improves physical and mental state. It acts effectively against depression and strengthens the immune system.

ASHWAGANDHA contributes cognitive activity, helps maintain mental health and relaxation. It promotes the normal activity of the cardiovascular system, promotes the normal functioning of the

reproductive system indian ginseng (root), adaptogen, dietary supplement.

- helps maintain normal respiratory function - helps maintain normal skin condition Energy - vitality - muscles - stamina, mental health, stress & sleep Ashwagandha , an herb known as winter cherry or Indian ginseng, is one of the most important medicinal herbs in Ayurvedic medicine.

The unique combination of chemical compounds in an ideal ratio makes ashwagandha a powerful boost that relics the body and mind and prevents aging. It is an extraordinary adaptogen

it is grown in the dryer areas of India and in some parts of Nepal because it needs a dry and warm climate. It grows in the form of a small bush with green flowers. Ripe fruits are orange-red. For therapeutic use, ashwaghanda tubers are used, which are dried and processed into powder. The fresh root of this plant is said to have a smell similar to horse sweat.

It is especially suitable for: a wide range of essential fatty acids (the body can not make them on its own): they promote cholesterol lowering, contribute to the proper functioning of the nervous system polyphenols: they provide antioxidant action, have a protective effect on the body, help prevent oxidative tissue damage, help protect against free radical damage caused by stetol pollution: maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, lower blood cholesterol levels, reduce cholesterol absorption of beta-sitosterol: maintain normal blood cholesterol levels, help normal prostate function and the excretory system of steroid lactones and alkaloids strengthens the body's energy, vitality of the body and stimulates the body adaptogenic effects of general soothing effects

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