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HiTec Healthline Vitamin A-Z

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VITAMIN A-Z ANTIOXIDANT FORMULA is a dietary supplement that contains a packed complex of 14 vitamins, 10 minerals, trace elements and the strongest antioxidants, derived from green tea extract and grape kernels.

Important to note the high content in 1 tablet = 900 mg!!


Vitamin A, Beta-carotene - very well acts on the eyesight, where it forms a visual pigment. In deficiency, it causes grayblypost or colour blindness. It is necessary for the correct growth of children. It acts preventively before the development of cancer, helps in the treatment of skin problems and promotes the proper functioning of the genital mucosa.
Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12 - guarantees the correctness of nerve
function. With deficiency, nervous diseases, fatigue, constipation or lack of appetite appear. They are important for metabolic transformations of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. They lower cholesterol. Vitamin C - participates in the proper functioning of all cells of our organism.

Strengthens the immunity of the whole body. It works against free radicals. It is necessary for the formation of muscles, hormones and bone strength. Vitamin D - important for the formation of bones and teeth.

Fractures heal more easily. It prevents cancer of the colon, rectum, breast and prostate. Deficiency is manifested by bone decay, tooth decay, muscle stiffness. Vitamin E is an important antioxidant that fights free radicals and breaks down pollutants from the liver.

It is important for immunity, eyes, prostate, remedies the skin and improves sexual performance. If there is a deficiency in the body, a disease called Alzheimer's or Parkinson's can occur. Vitamin K1 - promotes the activity of the liver, the functionality of blood clotting.

Prevents bleeding. It helps in the absorption of calcium. It promotes cardiac function and is a prevention against the development of cancer. Vitamin H - effectively reduces pain in the muscles, is effective against depression, acts as a prevention against baldness, promotes the activity of the sex glands.

In addition, it promotes the central nervous system and hearty sleeping. Calcium - prevents the development of rachitis in children, osteomalacia (softening of bones) in adults and osteoporosis in old people, keeps teeth in good condition, maintains a regular heartbeat, calms nerves, treats tetanus – irritation syndrome of the central and peripheral nervous system, promotes iron metabolism, serves to prevent arthritis, helps eliminate the harmfulness of certain radioactive minerals, helps reduce hypertension, is necessary for blood coagulation and helps in the treatment of injuries.

Chromium - with its deficiency, we can feel tired, irritable, suffer from headaches or feelings of nausea.

Chromium promotes sugar absorption and is an essential element for maintaining optimal blood sugar levels. Iron - helps against fatigue or dizziness, prevents aging by giving the skin tone.

Iodine - promotes growth rate, prevents premature aging, improves thinking speed, helps to lose weight, supplies energy and is effective against acne.

Copper - copper is needed for the synthesis of hemoglobin and merges with vitamin C. Magnesium - one of the most versatile minerals, participates in the formation of energy, nerve functions, muscle relaxation and the formation of teeth and bones.
Together with calcium and potassium, it regulates heart rhythm and blood clotting and helps in the formation and use of insulin.

Manganese - is important for the activity of the brain, helps to secure the correct structure of bones, contributes to overcoming fatigue, improves memory, increases the overall resistance of nerves, promotes muscle reflexes and helps to use vitamin C. Molybdenum - actively participates in a number of enzymatic systems that are responsible for iron metabolism and detoxification of sulphides.
Molybdenum also plays an important role in preventing tooth decay, and its presence increases the hardness of tooth enamel. Lack of molybdenum can lead to anaemic, contributes to an increased incidence of asthma attacks, increased tooth decay and deterioration of protection against bladder infection.

Selenium - Slows 
down aging, reduces flushing in the climato, prevents the appearance of dandruff, maintains tissue elasticity, protects against tumors, has a great effect on heart disease. Zinc - participates in the reproduction of cells, is important in protein synthesis, helps in the treatment of infertility, serves as a prevention against prostate hypertrophy, serves in adolescence to proportional sexual development, is a prevention against deafness, prevents loss of taste, accelerates the wound healing process, removes white spots on the nails, controls the contraction activity of the muscle.

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