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HiTec Nutrition EAA Powder

HiTec Nutrition EAA Powder

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EAA POWDER is a product that contains mainly exogenous amino acids, i.e. those that the body cannot produce on its own. EAA essential amino support anabolic processes, protect muscles against catabolism and improve regeneration after training. This product contains amino acids important for assimilation of proteins from food and for positive maintenance of nitrogen balance in the body. The preparation is in powder form with good soluble and taste.


Essential amino acids are absolutely necessary for the construction of muscles. It is a unique product that is unprecedented on the Czech market. Not only for all athletes who train intensively and want to maintain muscle mass while protecting it from catabolism, its loss, but also for people with insufficient food intake. A balanced combination of all essential amino acids promotes the maintenance and growth of muscle mass, increases strength and dramatically accelerates regeneration.

EAAs are important in the body for:

  • increasing the quality and amount of muscle mass
  • restoring strength and accelerating regeneration
  • support of new muscle mass formation
  • protection of muscle mass from damage by strenuous physical performance
  • protection of muscle mass from devastation during overweight reduction
  • enough free amino acids for hard training
  • increasing absolute strength
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