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HMB in capsules is an extremely powerful anti-catabolic in the form of Ca-HMß. HMß is a derivative of the amino acid L-leucine, which reduces muscle breakdown caused by training or stress.


HMB is very effective under extremely intense sports loads. However, with smaller load intensities or light fitness training, the effects below are expressed weakly or not at all. Since the half-life of HMß is about 2 hours, it must therefore be taken during the day in the form of tablets, during training in the form of quickly absorbable capsules, but preferably in liquid form, when absorption is most effective!

  • promotes muscle gain and increases absolute strength
  • accelerates the adaptation of the body to increased physical exertion
  • protects muscle cells
  • anti-catabolic, prevents protein breakdown (catabolism)
  • positively affects the oxygen capacity of the body
  • necessary for cholesterol synthesis and the construction of biological membranes
  • reduces the collection of reserve fat in the body.
  • perfectly complemented with creatine
  • beneficial effect on the mental state
  • positively affects mood
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