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HiTec Nutrition ZMA Zinc Mag 120caps 1000mg

HiTec Nutrition ZMA Zinc Mag 120caps 1000mg

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ZINC MAG or also known as ZMA is a patented mixture of magnesium and zinc in the right proportion and at the right strength. The effect is shocking and everyone is surprised at how powerful it is ! Many people lack these minerals for a long time and this causes many problems, including poor quality sleep. Everyone is advised to buy ZMA at least 2-4 times a year.


ZINC MAG helps to maintain optimal levels of male hormone and thus indirectly leads to better muscle building, fat loss, better regeneration after training and support of sexual functions.
Since zinc and magnesium are of the greatest importance for anabolic metabolic processes and athletes almost always have their deficit, supplementation with ZINC MAG can literally lead to a "miraculous"
effect. Optimal absorption of both elements is based on chelate binding to the amino acid methionine


  • Magnesium and zinc are involved in a plethora of metabolic processes, for athletes it is mainly anabolic bodily functions.
  • ZINC MAG containing magnesium oxide bound to methionine is the optimal form of magnesium and zinc.
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