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IMPULSE FITNESS IT9327A 8xstation multi gym cable pulley

IMPULSE FITNESS IT9327A 8xstation multi gym cable pulley

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The 8 Stack MULTI-STATION exercise machine is a complex multi-functional tower that combines several exercise positions. In this way, the practitioner has the opportunity to exercise practically the entire body. The important thing is that the multifunction tower offers many positions at the same time, so it can be used by many athletes at the same time. By combining with a horizontal bar (IT9027opt), it offers full value counter-pulleys or horizontal bar as an alternative to strengthen the upper body and abdomen.


The machine has been designed to work in a relatively small space and virtually maintenance-free when operating on a commercial level. Comfort is guaranteed primarily by high-quality lining made of durable materials, safety and stability are guaranteed by the functional design and the quality of the steel from which the machine is made. The user gets an effective way to improve his physical condition in a small space. Exercising on the IMPULSE 8 multi-station stack has the advantage of minimal joint load and intuitive load control using the handle on the load column. The fitness machine is wear-resistant and easy to maintain. The fitness machines of the Impulse IT series are equipped with a special coating that increases wear resistance.


The multifunctional fitness machine IMPULSE is designed to exercise the entire body. In particular, the muscle groups in the upper body occupy, strengthen the abdominal muscles, shoulder muscles, biceps and triceps, neck muscles, back muscles, thigh muscles, and more. The advantage of this machine is that you can customize your training to a great extent, there are a huge number of exercises that will allow you to choose a specific muscle group. You can choose from various adapters and exercise variants.


For IMPULSE pulleys, we offer a way to strengthen and shape your character. By strengthening your abdominal and back muscles, you will gain greater resistance to injuries and chronic problems related to the daily work routine. Therefore, we recommend the additional Crossover Cable Crossover module for every athlete who actively participates in team and contact sports. We also recommend it to those who need prophylaxis against emerging health problems. Strengthening the back muscles helps prevent back pain that can cause serious illness, so it is recommended to include anti-directional wheels in your training set.


Functions and characteristics:


A professional strength training machine with a solid structure, in which 7 people can train simultaneously without compromising the comfort of exercise


position - upper pulley contraction (upper back muscles, arms)

position - lower pulley - rowing (lower and upper back muscles)

position - triceps movement - exercises on the triceps

position - one-handed grip - arms and triceps

position - opposite pulleys, fixed trapezoid 

For full body exercises, especially for upper body exercises

Separate load columns

Hardened steel construction and durable high-quality guides

Stable frame construction

Strengthening machine for bricks

Almost maintenance-free operation

The series includes 50 machines, the perfect choice for the implementation of the gym



Length: 694 cm

Width: 335 cm

Height: 233 cm

Weight: 1320 kg

Stack weight: 91 (125 kg option available)

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