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IMPULSE IT9325 Adjustable Cable Crossover

IMPULSE IT9325 Adjustable Cable Crossover

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The multifunctional IT9325 bodybuilding gate by Impulse is a must-have exercise equipment for every gym. The possibility of using a pile of 91 kg and 125kg

Universal exercise device - counter rotating pulleys with adjustable pulley height and crossbar for versatile upper body exercises . Your upper body muscle groups will be engaged , but you will also strengthen your abs , arms , biceps , triceps , neck , thighs, and more.  


The one-handed upper / lower pulley is the right choice for safely exercising the whole body, especially the upper body muscles . The machine is designed to operate in a relatively small space and is virtually maintenance-free when operating at the level of commercial efficiency. 


The fitness device is wear-resistant and easy to maintain. The fitness equipment of the IMPULSE IT series is equipped with a special coating that increases resistance to wear. As a result, the machines are not scratched so easily and do not corrode. The product belongs to the category of brick strengthening machines . 


Exercises with counter- rollers from IMPULSE will help you exercise, strengthen and shape your figure. By strengthening your abdominal and back muscles , you gain greater resistance to injuries and chronic problems associated with everyday work. Strengthening the back muscles helps prevent back pain that can lead to serious illnesses. Therefore, it is advisable to include the counter rolls in the training circular of your exercise plan .


✔ For upper body exercises


✔ Minimal joint loads , intuitive load adjustment


✔ You can strengthen your abdominal muscles , shoulder muscles , biceps , triceps , the muscles of the neck , thigh muscles


✔ IMPULSE FITNESS has certified ISO9001: 2000, ISO14001, ISO10015 and OHSAS 18001


✔ Suitable for circuit training



Length: 571 cm

Width: 89.1 cm

Height: 224.7 cm

One Pulley Dimension: 


✔ Length: 138.5 cm


✔ Width: 89.1 cm


✔ Height: 224.7 cm


Connection size:


✔ Length: 294 cm


✔ Width: 27 cm


✔ Height: 37 cm

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