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The Nautilus E628 programmable elliptical cross trainer is the latest and most technologically advanced cross trainer by Nautilus - the leader on the US fitness market . It is a PREMIUM class equipment , which is characterized by extremely high quality and durability of components, efficiency as well as ease and comfort of use. It was created for those who, by training, want to achieve as much as possible and constantly develop by setting themselves ever higher goals and challenges.


The programmable elliptical cross trainer Nautilus E628 combines everything you can expect from home cardio equipment nowadays, i.e. in addition to the technical side of the highest standard - the ability to track activity using many compatible applications available in Android and App Store and training in the so-called virtual reality. What's more, unlike other solutions of this type on the market, the RunSocial platform will allow friends and other users of Nautilus equipment to train together with you , carrying out their training at the same time as you.


The Nautilus programmable elliptical will make your training never become monotonous, bringing the experience and quality to a whole new, much higher level!


ADJUSTABLE SIGHT LINE ™ DISPLAY : Two high-resolution LCD displays allow you to track and control two independent training parameters. Negative STN contrast, blue background and large, legible numbers and letters in white guarantee full visibility. In addition, the console mount allows you to adjust the angle of inclination so that the training parameters are always within the user's sight.


QUICK RESISTANCE AND INCLINE BUTTONS: The number buttons on either side of the console allow you to quickly change the resistance and inclination angle of the ramp. 32 levels of EMS (electromagnetic) resistance allow you to select the appropriate training intensity for beginners and advanced users.  


TRAINING PROGRAMS: the cross trainer offers 29 training programs (including 12 profiles, 9 based on the target pulse, 1 quick start and 2 fitness tests). The range of training programs is wide enough for every user, whether beginner or advanced, to choose the training that is right for them. The elliptical cross trainer allows you to create individual profiles for 4 users, so you can compare results, compete, define goals and achieve achievements.


YOUR 7 FAVORITE OUTDOOR APPS: Thanks to the applications compatible with Nautilus equipment, everyday workouts and a healthy and active lifestyle will be much easier. 


TRAIN TO THE RHYTHM OF YOUR MUSIC: By training to your favorite music, you can train even more effectively. Connect the player to the main console and run to the beat of your favorite music. Training will become more enjoyable thanks to the speakers built into the console. The 3.5 mm jack audio input allows you to listen to music from external devices (iPod, MP3) using the speakers built into the front panel.


EASE OF CHOICE OF FUNCTIONS: the front panel with large buttons with a legible print, which guarantee trouble-free selection of the desired parameter.


TRAIN LONGER, NOT SWEAT: comfort, among others, gives training fan with 3 levels of airflow and with adjustable angle of airflow. It is placed on the front panel, close to the user's body, so that you can feel a pleasant coolness during training.


TABLET / PHONE SHELF: a wide shelf enables safe and trouble-free use of a tablet / mobile device and, importantly, continuous monitoring of training parameters, thanks to the shelf positioning "above the lower display". 


FLYWHEEL: the 13.6 kg flywheel guarantees smooth and stable movement, and the training becomes enjoyable and effective.  


PRECISION PATH ™ STRIDE STEP LENGTH : stride length is one of the most important parameters for a comfortable and effective training on the cross trainer. The E628 programmable elliptical has an optimally selected stride length , so that the equipment is suitable for both short and tall users. Thanks to the handwheel at the front, the step is flat and the distance between the feet is narrow. The step length is 56 cm .   


ADJUSTABLE SKATES SUSPENSION ADJUST ™ PERFORMANCE CUSHIONING SYSTEM : wide, ergonomically shaped skids with a special anti-slip coating. This prevents the joints from being overburdened. The user can choose from four positions of the skid inclination angle to obtain perfect control, stability and, above all, safety and efficiency of training. 


USER'S MAXIMUM WEIGHT: the E628 programmable elliptical cross trainer is a solid device designed for users weighing up to 158 kg.


MOVABLE AND FIXED HANDLES: the elliptical cross trainer has movable and non-movable handles, which can be used freely depending on which parts of the body you want to work on. By using movable handles - we additionally engage the upper parts of the body , increasing physical effort, using fixed handles - we strengthen the abdominal muscles and stabilize the position . The upper handles are profiled, allow many types of grips and are additionally covered with a special material that guarantees a secure grip in every place. Additionally, on the movable handles there are buttons for changing the resistance and the angle of the ramp . The fixed handles, on the other hand, are equipped with heart rate sensors . 


WIRELESS PULSE MEASUREMENT / PULSE SENSORS: Control your pulse with the touch sensors built into the fixed handles or wirelessly with the included telemetry chest strap for more accurate measurements. Remember that measuring your heart rate with sensors gives you approximate results. It is not a medical product. 


RAMP ANGLE ADJUSTMENT: the cross trainer has electronic ramp angle adjustment, which allows you to burn unnecessary calories faster and shape selected parts of the body and muscles. The ramp can be set in the range 0 '- 10'.


TRANSPORT: The transport wheels used in the elliptical cross trainer and the profiled transport handle guarantee easy and safe movement of the equipment. In addition, the wheels are made of soft plastic, so they do not scratch the surface. In contrast, the leveling feet ensure the stability of the equipment during training.


NAUTILUS TRAINER ™ 2: Application designed for Nautilus devices with Bluetooth®. It is a great tool that will help each user lead a healthy and active lifestyle. The Nautilus Trainer ™ 2 app also supports Apple Health. The app allows you to control all your training, fitness, calories and health information on one easy-to-read dashboard. The app is only available on iOS.  


Track Your Goals: Set, monitor and track your fitness plans and goals

Check your progress every week

Earn rewards as you reach your fitness goals

Keep a journal of your progress 

Connect to MyFitnessPal and sync your training information


EXPLORE THE WORLD: training in virtual reality mode. Run at your own pace and the image on the map will adjust to your speed. It is a great tool that will help each user lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Read more about the application here.


APPLE HEALTH: the application that collects all our health information, from eating and training habits to blood group and cholesterol levels. Read more about the application here.


MY FITNESS PAL: lose weight with MyFitnessPal - the fastest and easiest-to-use calorie counter for Android. Thanks to the largest product database of all calorie counters for Android (over 6,000,000 products) and extremely fast entry of products and exercises, you will quickly and safely lose extra pounds. Read more about the application here.


UNDER ARMOR RECORD ™: is the world's first fitness and health monitoring system available to everyone 24/7. Read more about the application here.


GOOGLE FIT: Live healthier and more active thanks to the new version of the application. Read more about the application here.

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