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Power Band Set - 5 x Rubber Bands
Power Band Set - 5 x Rubber Bands
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Power Band Set - 5 x Rubber Bands

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Thanks to the fact that the tapes are made of elastic and durable latex, during exercise you do not have to worry about training conditions - 4FIZJO exercise gums show great resistance to permanent deformation and are waterproof.

Product details:

  • Color: red, black, purple, green and blue
  • Material: latex
  • Length: 208 cm
  • Width 13mm, 22mm, 32mm, 45mm, 64mm
  • Thickness 4.5mm

Why include rubber and elastic bands in training and rehabilitation?

Power band like any latex rubber is characterized by progressive resistance – the harder you stretch it, the stronger it resists. Thanks to this property, you can be sure that your muscle building strength at the same time will build the proper stabilization of the joint it moves. In addition, you can use them successfully during muscle stretching and joint mobilization.

What can you use a gum power band for?

As we mentioned earlier, power band rubbers have a versatile application. You can use them both for strengthening, regenerative or to improve supability. It is worth mentioning here that the power band rubber can facilitate and hinder exercise, it depends on how you use it. For example, we will cite two exercises - pull-up and squat:

1. When pulling up, hook the rubber on the stick and the other end of the power band hook the feet. You will see that the tape will support movement, making exercise easier.

2. When doing squats, step on one end of the tape and the other hook behind the neck, note that the power band will hinder this exercise.

Exercise with power bands is a great way to improve all your training parameters – it's up to you what you use them for!

What does it mean that the power band rubber puts progressive resistance?

It is good for you to realize that the more you stretch the power band training rubber, the stronger the force you need to use, because the rubber puts more and more resistance - this phenomenon is called progressive resistance. If this is not clear enough then try to imagine a situation where you stretch the training rubber by 10cm to stretch it by another 10cm you will have to use even more force than the first time.

Why our rubber?

4FIZJO exercise rubbers are made from materials of the highest grade. Thanks to the attention to the quality of materials, our products are characterized by high resistance to bursting and damage, even during intense training in difficult conditions.

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