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POWER RACK S714 199 cm 70x70x3

POWER RACK S714 199 cm 70x70x3

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A training cage made of a 70x70x3 profile with a height of 199 cm, ideal for users with limited space. Barbell grips included


Professional exercise cage from the GymPro series. The strong and very durable structure of the device allows the exerciser to impose a very heavy load, ensuring safety. The device will provide the exerciser with a very varied training based on many exercises.
The cage will be used in home gyms as well as in professional gyms, Crossfit exercise rooms and fitness clubs. A consistent arrangement of 45 holes allows the trainee to precisely adjust the height of the devices to their own needs. Additional perforations in the horizontal beams allow the installation of training pins with power band resistance bands.

This model can be extended - retrofitted with additional devices according to your own discretion and needs:

 - barbell handles

- belaying arms

- matador / dip station

The GymPro 714 cage is the optimal solution for all ambitious athletes who are looking for space-saving equipment with an excellent price-quality ratio!

Thanks to the solid structure of the frame, it is an ideal basis for performing very effective basic exercises with a large training mass, e.g. squats, bench press, etc.

The integrated pull-up bar also allows you to perform pull-ups, even with significant additional weight. In conjunction with additional equipment, it offers extending the functionality of the cage with many other exercise options (eg bench press, incline press, etc.).

Barbell grips included!

The gate and accessories are manufactured in Poland!

Technical data:

The structure is made of 70x70x3 mm profiles

Hole diameter 17 mm

Spacing of holes from the front every 50 mm

Spacing of the holes, seen from the side, every 100 mm

-Depth: 108 cm

Width: 125 cm

Height: 199 cm
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