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SL7001 Seated Chest Press Plate Loaded Machine

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The machine without a stack SL7001 STERLING stuffing is one of the professional machines of the IMPULSE brand that enables chest training. High-quality workmanship, thick profile and Olympic load holders are just some of the advantages of the machine. The product is intended for domestic, semi-commercial and commercial use.


  • length: 193.7 cm
  • width: 137cm
  • height: 171.7 cm
  • permissible load: 300 kg
  • device weight: 165 kg
  • color: black and red
  • lifetime warranty on the structure


The strong, ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing construction of professional machines without the pile of the IMPULSE STERLING series is intended for use in all types of gyms. The use of advanced solutions based on biomechanics that imitate the natural human movements means that there is practically no risk of injuries during exercise. The machines are very easy to maintain and the entire set consists of 16 parts.









Warranty (months): 24 (Commercial Warranty), 24 (LightCommercial Warranty), 36 (Home Warranty)
Warranty Type: Commercial, HOME, LightCommercial
Number of pins: 6 pins for loads
Permissible total load: 300 [kg]
Foldable: no
Weight (kg): 165 kg
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