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The 'Green' Fitness Home Bundle Puzzle Mat, kettlebell & Gymnastic Ball

The 'Green' Fitness Home Bundle Puzzle Mat, kettlebell & Gymnastic Ball

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1 x Apus Gymnastic ball 75cm Green
Apus Sports Gymnastic Balls, made of anti-burst, foamed PVC, are resistant to deformation and their profiled, non-slip surface ensures a stable position during exercise.

1 x Black and Green Puzzle Floor mats 120cm x 120cm
The puzzle mat effectively protects the floors against damage and additionally muffles the sound during training with weights. Reduces vibration induced by exercise. The mat can be used under sports equipment such as a bench, exercise bike, cross trainer, treadmill, rowing machine or atlas. Thanks to the "puzzle" assembly system,
the mat can be freely configured. Deep cuts guarantee the stability of the folded mat.
It protects the floor against damage

It reduces noise and vibration
Easily connect and disconnect components
Ease of cleaning
Non-slip, perforated surface
Material: EVA
Dimensions after assembling 4 elements: 122 x 122 cm
Dimensions of one element:
length: 61 cm
width: 61 cm
Thickness: 12 mm
Hardness: 30
Warranty 24 months

1 x 8kg Green Apus Sport Kettlebell
Kettlebells from Apus Sports are made of high quality cast iron and additionally they are covered with a special, protective layering.
The flat base of our Cast iron Kettlebells ensures good stability and the ergonomic grip makes it easier to exercise and provide safety during training- our Kettlebells perfectly fit the hand.
Cast Iron Kettlebells are mainly used during cross fit and functional training.
Exercise with Kettlebells uses major muscle groups.

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